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Athletic Clothing In Sizes 12-26.
Everything You’ve Got…Bring It!

OUR Brand

It’s not just a clothing brand, it’s a mindset.

Heat Athletic is a love letter to my body…To our bodies. Big Beautiful Bodies! Here, we understand that your body size does not limit your heart, your desire or your movement, which is why we are the industry’s first activewear brand designed specifically for women sizes 12 to 26. Heat Athletic is about clothing that helps you see yourself differently. It prepares you for being your strongest, most powerful, and most dynamic self. It gives you the confidence to realize you can do whatever challenge your heart is set on. 

Heat Athletic is on a mission to provide people not only with clothing that fits their needs, but with the mindset that anything is possible. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, you still use your body, so these clothes are meant for you.

OUR Story

Heat Athletic is a dream decades in the making. When I started running in the early 90’s I was often told that I “didn’t have a runner’s body”- apparently I was “too big”. To make things even more difficult, it was impossible to find clothes that fit me well and held up during my workouts and I realized it was not just me. When I looked around, I saw most of the bigger women in “the uniform” sweatpants and an over-sized t-shirts. After decades of frustration with an industry that refused to see me, I decided to create my own line of activewear. 

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of my family, I began developing the brand in 2019, with the goal of creating clothes that fit well, moved with the body and stood up to the toughest workouts. 

I started this company in celebration of bodies that have been told they are not worthy and are not capable. That’s why Heat Athletic exists. We don’t just create clothing, but we help you change how you feel about yourself.

For me, running was a catalyst in launching this brand. Running allowed me to see what I was capable of (mentally and physically). Even more inspiring, was witnessing family, friends and strangers alike find their power through running. I have witnessed how movement changes the way people think, talk and feel about themselves, and I want to help you find that for yourself.   

Founder Onika Shabazz was a finalist in Pitchfest Outdoor 2021 sponsored by Title Nine

OUR Products

Heat Athletic clothing is designed from the very start with full-figured women in mind. Proper fit and versatile function are the driving forces behind our brand. From Aerobics to Zumba, our workout clothes can do it all. Stylish athletic clothing made with four-way stretch, wicking, anti-microbial fabrics. 

Made in the USA.